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The Food Tribe Manifesto

We believe food is the key to transformation.

In a world of unfairness, creating new interactions is our priority.

We are an ecosystem, designed to build and feed communities.

We believe positive impact happens through uniting.

We are a tribe. We are a collective. We are conscious.

We don't just eat: we celebrate. You and I equals us.

We share joy.

We won't stop until we find balance: a perfect cycle, full of abundance and sustainable for generations to come.

Fulfillment is only real when its for everyone.

Our 360 vision creates meaningful relationships, connecting good people to good food.

We invest now, to harvest tomorrow.

After all, we are hungry

It all started when…

One day, a hungry nerd who worked in restaurants decided enough was enough - the world deserved a better restaurant review. 

A passion for technology, food, sustainability and fun with a twist - no one should go hungry. 

If you've ever been up late one night, and wasn't sure where to get your next bite to eat, well Food Tribe is here to serve you.

The old generation would have you believe that terrible restaurant reviews are your only option - in a world where 16% of reviews are fake, our 360 platform connects restaurants (and food brands) to their biggest fans: foodies.

Our top notch team of creators, builders, and foodies, have come together to make it easier to have conversations about food.

Our suite of products and services include a digital marketing agency designed to tell tasty stories about food.

Coming up next, a restaurant review platform designed to make it easier to finding your next great bite to eat.