Learn How to Communicate with America's Strongest Group of Diners

Smart restaurants focus on growth by rewarding loyalty. 

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase your restaurant, cafe, or coffeeshops revenue by 75%


Customer Loyalty In a Nutshell

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Who Millennials Are

Who is the elusive Millennial? Some quick facts:

  • Born between 1980 and 2000
  • Social and Connected: the first online generation
  • Tech Savvy
  • Highly Educated
  • Conscience of their Surroundings

So, you being a restaurant owner who's involved in the day to day aspects of your restaurant, just how does your restaurant make sure that its pleasing your customers? 

Staying in front of your audience is important: Millennial have a lot of choices, which means that you need to develop a relationship with them.

Your customers are the key to your restaurants success, so its important you figure out ways to keep your audience engaged regardless of what's happening at your restaurant. 

84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising.
— -Hubspot

When to Engage With Millennials

Knowing when to engage with Millennials is something every restaurant owner needs to learn. Always connected, they're not always interested in what you have to say. 

Millennials want you to take the time to get to know them: build a relationship.

Steps to Building a Relationship

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Add Value
  • Show Why You Can Be An Option
  • Help Guide Them to Purchase
  • Be There When They Need Them

Now, forever, always: you always need to figure out the best ways and times to effectively build that relationship with your millennial foodies. When you do that, you provide your guests with a way to remember you when it comes time to make a purchase OR to make a recommendation to a friend. And we all know just how important referral marketing is. 

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Why Millennials Like Loyalty

Being a Millennial is tough: they've got things like:

  • Student Loan Debt
  • High Rent
  • Work Life Balance
  • Prefer Access, not Loyalty

Convenience is something that all Millennials look for, which is the perfect opportunity for loyalty. Customer loyalty provides Millennials to address the daily stresses of life: figuring out a way to give back, manage bills, and still have fun in life are things that millennials are constantly worried about.

Customer Loyalty programs give Millennials with the opportunity to:

  • Earn points for rewards
  • a way to communicate needs / provide feedback
  • Stay Up to date with latest restaurant information and news

This is the reason why you need to be worried about creating an effective customer loyalty program now: you'll be able to kickstart your restaurant growth strategy and start attracting new and existing customers back to your restaurant. 

For fast casual restaurants, as an example, oftentimes 60% of customers never come back after their first visit.
— Forbes

How Millennials View Loyalty

Remember the old business saying, "80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers?" We do.

That's why Food Tribe is focused on helping restaurants grow: get your restaurant or coffeeshops customers to come back by focusing on rewarding them for visiting your restaurant.  

Customer loyalty is the process of rewarding your customers for their activity at your place of business. 

How can you get your customers to come back? That's something you need to figure a solution to because if you don't, your guests might go somewhere else. Today's choosy millennials expect the restaurants they visit to reward them for spending their hard on dollars there.

80% of Millennials participate in loyalty and reward programs

What Gets Millennials Coming Back

What makes Millennials want to shop at your restaurant? Millennials will keep coming back if your restaurant or place of business has hit them with a compelling reason for shopping with you. 

Here are some things Millennials care About:

  • Brands and companies which attach themselves to social causes
  • Expect shopping to be easy with speed, ease, and convenience
  • Refer to reviews and friends BEFORE purchasing
  • Favor brands with social media profiles + websites
  • Make purchases through their smartphones

 That means, if you're not reaching your Millennial diners in a way that speaks to them, you're never going to be able to grow your restaurant. 

What happens if you can't hit your customers? That's something you don't want to find out.

On the flipside. What would happen if you WERE able to reach your Millennial audience?

Think of all the great ways that working with Millennials will not only grow your restaurant, but allow you to focus on the things that you really care about: from cooking food to spending more time at home. 

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Where Millennials Can Be Found

Social media offers restaurants the perfect opportunity to build a relationship with their foodies. Think of each platform as a destination, and each foodie goes to that destination for different purposes. To hang out, to research, to chat with friends, etc.

Here are some examples of the worlds most popular social media sites and how Millennials are engaging on them.

  • Facebook. Building an audience and following for your brand. Interact with customers and fans by being there to answer questions, and start discussions
  • Twitter. Following and engaging with other users that would be interested in what you have to offer. Interacting with your fan base, and answering questions, resolving complaints, etc. Building relationships with current and prospective customers, partners, and people within your network Sending people to more information on your website
  • Pinterest. Publishing and viewing visually appealing content such as videos, and photos
  • Instagram. Publishing and viewing visually appealing content such as videos, and photos
  • Snapchat. Storytelling Sharing behind-the-scenes and exclusive content. Engaging and interacting directly with your fans

If you're really interested in connecting Millennials and getting them to come back and visit your restaurant, make sure that your restaurant has a presence on social media, engaging, and creating relationships with them. 

Millennials spend a little more than 6 hours per week on social media platforms consuming media.

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Manage Your Restaurants Reputation Online

According to Thanx,  70% of previously loyal customers are "at-risk" and unlikely to return.

Getting them in the door is an even bigger challenge: today's sophisticated foodies will check out your restaurant before even walking through the door.

  • Restaurant Review Websites - Online Review
  • Online Communities - What people are saying
  • Social Media Platforms  - Content: blogs, photos, videos, reviews, conversations

What people are saying about your restaurant is something you have the ability to influence - by becoming a part of the conversation. 

Get to know your guests by commenting on posts, sharing interesting content, and contributing to the community. 

13% of all online reviews are fake, so be sure to address any reviews that aren't real. 

Be worried about managing your online reputation now, its just one way that you can work to capture customer loyalty with your foodies. 

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Create a Restaurant Brand that Stands Out

Today's savvy Millennials have grown up in the age of advertising, and as a result, know when they're being marketed to. Millennials are amongst the most brand loyal shoppers out there, but becoming a brand they trust is going to take some work. 

Benefits of A Strong Brand

  • Recognition
  • Prestiege
  • Loyalty

Developing a Brand

  • Have a mission or brand statement
  • Guiding Principles
  • Associate Yourself with a cause or community


Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.
— Jeff Bezos

Spend Time With Your Diners

That means both online and in person! Identify the stakeholders: the people that care about your restaurant and what you stand for, and ask them how you can better serve them.

As a restaurant looking to develop loyalty amongst your fans (all stakeholders that come into contact with your restaurant), you want to look for new and creative ways to serve them.

Encourage open communication with your employees. Have a suggestion box at your restaurant. Invite the local PTA to sponsor an event at your restaurant. Figure out new ways to be a supportive member of your community, and your foodies will remember you when it's time to make reservations for dinner. 

Create an experience with the thought process in mind: people are ALWAYS going to want to come back to my restaurant because I made them feel the best!

Social media is an amazing tool, but it’s really the face-to-face interaction that makes a long-term impact.
— Felicia Day

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