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Being a millennial is tough, that's why you need to worry about getting free food. Learn how to eat well, for cheap, or not at all. Our Los Angeles Foodie Guide  will teach you the tips and tricks you need to learn so you can start getting rewarded for eating out! Download today by entering your information to the right. 

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You Spend Almost $300 a month Eating Out

The average adult reported spending $140 per month on unnecessary items.png

Millennials like our food. We understand the finer things in life: food, friends, and good times. 

Through the power of the internet: Facebook, Instagram,  there's a new way to learn about the latest and greatest in food. 

That doesn't mean its easy though. Challenges have risen to make it tough for you and me to get the tasty #eeeeeats that we know and deserve.

People will travel anywhere for good food.

Learn How to Save

The economy is tough. Which is why smart Millennial foodies know how to save.

The majority of us join restaurant loyalty programs like Belly, FiveStars, or LevelUp every year.

Learning how to find the best food on a budget is just one of the many things the modern day foodie needs to know, in addition to things like being able to recommend places to friends and family, knowing the latest and greatest hole in the wall, or the next experiential pop up dinner, its tough getting a pulse for all that information.

That's when you need to beef up your skills on how to become a better foodie: figuring out tips and tricks for a night out to eat with friends without having to do too much work. 

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Learn How Costs Effect Your Day to Day

It's not like we eat out so much because we want to - between work, friends, the gym, and keeping up to date on social, its tough to find the balance to eat at home a lot - that means when we eat out, Millennials want to know that we're getting the kinds of foods we want without all the junk.

It's gotta taste good too. And not be too expensive.

What if you could take the extra cash you spent eating out in order to take a trip to Thailand. Or Mexico. Or any where else that has a crystal clear beach?

Think about what YOU'D do with all that extra cash if you were able to save some money on food. 

There's help though, and our Foodie Guide will help you find a way to get it. 


16% of all online reviews are fake.png

16% of Online Reviews Aren't Real

In major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Miami, you've got unlimited options when it comes to eating out. 

The problem is, 16% of all online reviews aren't real! So trusting traditional resources like online reviews might not be the safest bet.  

Good foodies use a variety of resources in order to keep their eye out for the next great bite to eat. Conversations are normally the best way to go: people like to share food.

ABC: Always Be Contributing. Let people know where your'e eating and they'll be sure to let you know there's!

Once you've finished learning how to become a foodie, download the Food Tribe Gift Card + Loyalty Program from the app store. 

You'll start earning tasty rewards for shopping at your favorite restaurants.. 

For every gift card sold, at least one meal is donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.