Short On Cash? 

Skip the McBurger: Food Tribe's got your back.

The Food Tribe Gift Card + Loyalty Program is now available in your smartphone's App Store. Download today to start earning rewards at your favorite Los Angeles area restaurants, cafe's, coffee shops, and more. 

With Every Gift Card Sold, at Least One Meal is Donated

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Connecting Good People to Good Food

LA's exploding food scene means restaurants + foodies need a way to connect over tasty #eeeeeats. 

Our community of foodies is dedicated to eating at, and getting the word out about great Los Angeles area restaurants and food.


Step 1: Download the Food Tribe Gift Card + Loyalty App from the App Store or Google Play. 

Step 2: Create a Profile

Step 3: Load Food Tribe Cash into Your Account

Step 4: Start Earning Rewards

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Foodies: Get Rewarded for Eating Out

Are you a foodie who's interested in saving money? If so, get rewarded for eating out at your favorite restaurants simply by downloading Food Tribe. 

You can download Food Tribe from your app's app store: saving money + earning rewards isn't something you should wait on. We recommend doing it now!

Go to the app store, download Food Tribe, purchase restaurant gift cards, and start earning rewards by visiting our restaurant partners.

Food's expensive, and you want to be rewarded for eating out at your favorite places. Plus, with every gift card that you purchase, Food Tribe will donate at least one meal to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. 

If you're ready to download, you can find Food Tribe in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. 

 Download the app to start earning rewards at your favorite Los Angeles area restaurants!

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Restaurants: Reward Your Customers + Give Back

Are you a small business restaurant owner who's interested in increasing your revenue?

Reward your clients for repeat business by signing up for Food Tribe's cloud based digital gift card + loyalty program

Your customers will thank you for giving them a way to stay involved with your restaurant and will reward YOU by coming back and spending more money. 

Leverage the power of repeat business with Food Tribe. Purchase your package, set up your 15 minute consultation call, and we'll officially be in business. Your Food Tribe rep will work with you to create a program that's going to keep your customers happy. 

 By working with Food Tribe, not only are you going to increase your restaurant's revenue, but you're also going to be doing good for the community. 

Sign-Up today to start rewarding your restaurant customers for their loyalty.