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Melissa's Produce on #LAFoodCulture - Guest Blog

This week, we’re featuring Elizabeth Weinstein, who works in the marketing department for Melissa’s Produce. While Melissa’s sources produce from all over the world and distributes all over the USA, Elizabeth talks about what farming looks like in Southern California and how tastes have changed, even at classic LA events like a Dodger’s game!

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Street and Spice on #LAFoodCulture - Guest Blog

Intro: Food Tribe is taking a deeper dive into #LAFoodCulture, by featuring the chefs, restauranteurs, and foodies that make LA's food scene what it is. We want to hear from various perspectives about LA's food culture, and are excited to share those voices with you! This week, we're featuring Sheridan Street of Street and Spice! We had the pleasure of working with Sheridan at Food Tribe's first Food-fluencer event, where she impressed our guests with her own delicious twist on brunch. 

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