#LAFoodCulture: A SoCal Scoop With the Creators of the Cream'Wich, Manhattan Beach Creamery

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#LAFoodCulture: A SoCal Scoop With Manhattan Beach Creamery and Creators Cream'Wich

Learn More about this So Cal Favorite with a scoop of vanilla sandwiched

Intro: If you’ve ever been in LA during the summer time, you picked the perfect place for to fix your frozen food fix.

Besides the beaches, the celebrities and the too much traffic, LA offers the home to some of the best frozen desserts on the market.

No ice cream sandwich is beloved as the Original Cream’Wich, though.

Keep reading to learn more about 2 chocolate chip cookies, a scoop of vanilla and a heaping of deliciousness.


A match Made In Dessert Heaven

One thing thats clear to most is just how delicious ice cream sandwiches are.

What’s not so clear is how two of America’s favorite treats - cookies and ice cream - came together.

It doesn’t seem like rocket science, but believe it or not, it took some time for these two to come together.

  • The credit is given to a New York City pushcart peddler in 1899.

  • The original incarnation was a smear of ice cream between two thin graham wafers

  • They provided a hand-held option for ice cream

  • Popular because they conducted the heat of the eater's hands to the frozen treat, allowing it to be more easily consumed.

Now that you know about the original ice cream sandwich, lets learn more about their artisanal descendant, the Cream’Wich.

What the Heck’s a Cream’Wich Anyway?

The Cream'wich ice cream sandwich is a combination of two family businesses:

Both of those locations are based in sunny Southern California.  The Cream’Wich was born in 2012, when two young chocolate chip cookies said I do to a frozen vanilla scoop.

Needless to say, The Cream'wich quickly became Manhattan Beach Creamery's signature item.  

To meet extraordinary demand, they packaged the Cream'wich and began delivering it out of the back of their cars to local shops by the beach.

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Manhattan Beach, The Southbay and Beyond

Originally made popular by fans, neighbors and beachgoers in the Southbay region of Los Angeles, the Cream’Wich has gone beyond its humble beginnings and is focused on casting a wider net.


Featured in over 100 locations throughout Southern California, Cream’Wich is looking to continue the covnersation and keep other happy eaters miling.

This year, the plan is to continue to expand to reach new fans throughout the world.

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