#LAFoodCulture: 10 Tacos Making You Reconsider What You Know About #TacoTuesday

Intro: Los Angeles is a taco mecca. Whether you munch on street tacos or gourmet, LA is a taco town - which means its the breeding ground for the next generation of taco.

Whether or not you’re a taco Tuesday regular, keep reading to learn more about the great tacos LA is eating.

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10 Tacos Making You Reconsider What You Know About Taco Tuesday

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Part of what makes LA’s taco scene so special is the vast array of taco’s available - all within a fingers reach.

This no frills taco truck sits in the parking lot of a gas station. Sitting on the corner of Venice and La Brea, Leo’s Taco Truck is the perfect place to pull up a scarf down a taco (or three or four) at all times a day.

They service everyone from the Mid-City lunch crowd, to nightlife seekers hanging out in Hollywood.

Food Tribe Recommends: Be sure to grab yourself one of their signature mulitas.

LAX Tacos


Established in 2006, LAX tacos offers local #meateaters a spot in carnivore heaven. Foodies have their choice of

  • Asada (Beef)

  • Al Pastor / Adobada (BBQ Pork)

  • Birria (Goat Meat)

  • Buche (Hog Maws)

  • Carnitas (Pork)

  • Cabeza (Beef Cheek)

  • Lengua (Beef Tongue)

  • Pollo (Chicken)

  • Pescado (Fish)

Wherever your pallatte lay, LAX tacos has the menu to match. Tasty LA #eeeeeats include burritos, quesadillas, tortas, chimicangas and more.

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Maria's Ricos Tacos is a no frills joint in sunny Inglewood, California. Down the street from famous LA icon Randy’s Donuts, a quick stop down Manchester is the perfect way for you to enjoy LA’s food culture after touching down at LAX.

Food Tribe Recommends: You can’t go wrong with their tacos, and be sure to grab a large pina to wash it down.

Benny’s Tacos


Benny’s Taco’s is different from your typical LA taco joints in that their menu features an abundance of rotisserie chicken.

With their tasty tacos, juicy burritos and zesty chicken, they’ve made quite the name for themselves on the Westside with multiple locations.


Photo: The Fields LA

Photo: The Fields LA

Hidden away in Inglewood this Mexican seafood restaurant offers delicious seafood dishes amplified by a home like ambiance and a friendly wait staff.

When you eat at Coni'Seafood, you’re treated like family: good food takes time to create, so you best enjoy the breeze on the outdoor patio and sip on a Michelada.

Delicious and beautiful food with vibrant colors + plating's made taste even better.

Part of LA legend Johnathon Gold's 101 Best Restaurants in LA, the Food Tribe team would definitely recommend Coni'Seafood to our friends.

Food Tribe Recommends: Grab a spicy michelada!


This casual & rustic spot for mesquite-grilled meats & vegetables, handmade tortillas & more. In 2017. Food Tribe had the opportunity to hang out with LA foodies and influencer Christine Alexis.

In addition to offering hefty tacos that a re filling, what makes Loqui so great is the open air kitchen = nothings better than seeing your food being prepped fresh right in front of your eyes.

The casual environment and stunning interior make Loqui a great place to grab a taco before hitting your next meeting.

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Request access to our Facebook group for Los Angeles area foodies!

Teddy’s Red Tacos

Photo: Teddys Red Tacos

Photo: Teddys Red Tacos

Featuring tacos de Birria de Res - this LA taco truck is not one to be missed. Birria de Res, or Mexican Beef Stew is a Mexican dish from the state of Jalisco.

The dish is a spicy stew, traditionally made from goat meat or mutton, but occasionally from beef or chicken - such as the ones at Teddy’s.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Guisados

  • Worldwide Tacos

  • Tacos Por Favor

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