5 LA Based Menus Featuring CBD Infused Products and Dishes

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Stoners Unite!

The world celebrated 4/20 this past weekend in a truly unique fashion - without the fear of reprisal.

Recent legislation across America has meant cannabis has slowly gone from counter culture to mainstream.

Which means foodies across Los Angeles no longer have to go up in smoke - LA’s recent legalization of recreational cannabis has meant new ways of cannabis consumption.

Specifically, cannabis and CBD - the oil derived from cannabis and hemp - incorporated into your meal of choice.

Which shouldn’t come as a surprise - cannabis culture and food have been closer than Eazy E and Dr. Dre rolling in ‘64:

Your favorite stoner movie has made reference to their favorite snacks, meals and #eeeeats - a love of cannabis with a love for food.

Here’s the thing - no more are we seeing the days of nacho flavored chips and crispy gas station hot dogs - cannabis and CBD have gone mainstream.

Brands like Ben & Jerrys have jumped into the fray - offering their opinions on social justice issues and even going as far as creating cannabis and CBD infused products and menu offerings.

While the rest of the country is busy catching up, Los Angeles and other cities are leading the charge.

Check out this list of 5 LA Based Menu Items featured CBD Infused Dishes:

5 LA Based Menus Featuring CBD Infused Dishes

Culinary and Cannabis, Multiple

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Culinary and Cannabis is an event forum that brings healthcare professionals, advocacy groups and food & wine experts together.

The mission?

To refute the stigma associated with medical marijuana treatment by exploring its culinary possibilities.

The Culinary and Cannabis event is the brainchild of Tamara Anderson, a nurse who regularly works with patients suffering from debilitating pain.

This deluxe event is aimed at welcoming professionals in the medical marijuana community to explore new ways to give patients their lives back.

Chuy’s Tacos Dorados, Hemp20 Beverages

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Located in the heart of the arts district of Los Angeles, Chuy's serves fresh, authentic, and tasty tacos dorados (fried tacos)

Crispy-shell tacos have long existed in Mexico under the name tacos dorados, or “golden tacos.” The way they’re prepared is pure genius: Soft corn tortillas are filled, folded in half, and then deep-fried. At the table, the tacos are opened like a book and stuffed with garnishes.

While they’re no longer serving their signature CBD tacos, they do serve Hemp20 - a drink line made with ingredients including hemp.

Prank Bar, Terpene Cocktails

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LA’s’s first walk-up bar on the corner of 11th and Hope in Downtown LA’s bourgeoning South Park neighborhood.

Prank has opened its floor to ceiling glass doors to reveal the newest locale for drinks and merriment in Downtown LA’s bourgeoning South Park neighborhood from beloved barman Dave Whitton.

Terpenes are oils extracted from the cannabis plant that provide flavor and offer the myriad health benefits of THC's non-psychoactive cousin, CBD.

Some of these flavonoids include A-Pinene, Linalool, and Beta Caryophyllene, which also provide health benefits like antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid, muscle relaxant, and more.

Each of the terpenes in Prank's cocktails has either a sedative or energizing effect, which make them the perfect daily-use oil to add that extra bit of flavor to any cocktail.


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Arthur Page, Eric Tjahyadi and Hye Young Park had a vision to create a coffee shop that not only consistently delivered the freshest most delicious hand- roasted ethically sourced coffee to order, but that also positively contributed to a culture moving so fast, it’s easy to forget what matters.

Menu items include the Supa (hot coffee with butter), Super Fly Iced Rose (iced rose latte with blue hibiscus tea), Supa Fly Iced Matcha (iced matcha with blue hibiscus tea), regular hot coffee, iced lattes, and more.

Hemp CBD (cannabis herbal extract) is offered as an additive to their drinks.

Elevation VIP Cooperative

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Elevation VIP Cooperative is a unique medicinal marijuana dispensary specializing in premium innovative cuisine that enhances the quality of life for patients in the Los Angeles area.

They focus on locally sourced organic and seasonal ingredients to produce the highest quality cuisine to be enjoyed by prescriptive clients. They merry flavorful ingredient with specific cannabis strains creating pairings designed specifically for you.

They offer an experience that is unique to medical edibles. Partner with Elevation VIP to curate your exclusive culinary experience.

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