#RestaurantGrowth: 4 Food and Beverage Trends 2019 Has Shown Us So Far

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We crunched the numbers, and Food Tribe's most popular blog post last year was our 2017 story on Real Food Daily - a premiere organic plant-based restaurant.

Which only makes sense - right?

If you’ve been anywhere near a food related social media account, our bet is you’ve seen a ton of new words and phrases like - vegan, flexitarian, and more.

Today’s food savvy consumer has more information on restaurants, food and beverage, and the hospitality space than ever before.

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Top Trends and Predictions to Expect in Food, Beverage, Hospitality and Travel in 2019

Millennials dine out 5x a week - which is why they spend their time Instagramming, Facebooking and reviewing - their least and favorite places.

While health and fitness “food tribe’s” have always been a part of our community, what we can say is that the data seems to show an increasing sense of popularity around food.

Here are some industries that are being effected:

  • Agriculture

  • Dairy and Eggs

  • The Meat industry

  • Soda

Our thoughts are this reflects a greater trend towards a few areas in restaurants and food.

More Plant-based 🥗 Menu Items in 2019 and Beyond

📸:  @hermez777

The Plant Based Foods Association, a trade association representing 114 of the nation’s leading plant-based food companies, released new data showing robust sales in the plant-based foods industry with dollar sales growth of 20% over the last year and sales topping $3.3 billion (FoodNews Food)

Urban + Sustainable Farming Will Increase

The team at Food Tribe anticipates that alternative farming methods will continue to gain market share.

Large scale farming offers land/resource challenges urban farming can answer: A global analysis finds that urban agriculture could yield up to 10 percent of many food crops (Source).

Brick and Mortar is still a focus 🏢🏠🍕

Competitive real estate means pop-up's and brand development are needed to prototype restaurant concepts BEFORE committing to long term leases.

Complicating the projections is the fact that the industry is seeing a sharp split between demand for class A properties and all other property types (Source).

Online and Offline Combine for ONE Experience

📸:  @neonbrand

Restaurant branding will continue to be important. Diners are savvier than ever - which means their dining experience goes beyond your place of business.

Smart food, beverage, and hospitality brand managers will work to facilitate a relationship with their customers both offline and online, creating a truly unique experience.

Tips and Tricks for Restaurants, Chefs, and Food and Beverage Professionals

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Terence Latimer