#RadicALL: Trash is for Tossers: How One Woman’s Journey to go Waste-Free Started an Environmental Empire

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Sustainability is a Problem for Everyone

After watching a fellow environmental studies student bring lunch to class in a single-use plastic bag every day, Lauren Singer was reminded that actions speak louder than words.

Practicing the steps to live sustainably and eliminate as much unnecessary waste from her day was the first step; the next one was to go totally waste-free.
 You read that right.

Lauren Singer does everything she can to live her life without producing any garbage. She produces such a small amount of trash that the garbage from the last 4+ years of her life can fit in a single mason jar.

A complete 180° lifestyle change isn’t the only way to make an impact, so Lauren encourages different kinds of small, easy changes to implement in your life through blog posts on her website, Trash is for Tossers.  

Whether you’re short on cash but still looking to make a change, a college student looking for simple ways to cut back, or just curious about simple swaps that will cut back on waste in the kitchen, Trash is for Tossers has an article for you.

Lauren’s blog cumulates tips, tricks, and resources for living a zero-waste lifestyle (link to FT FB group)

By launching the Package Free Shop, she claims to have saved “over 4,025,600 plastic straws, 3,061,240 plastic bags, and 1,419,260 non-recyclable bottles and cups out of landfill”.  

Everything shipped from the Package Free Shop comes in clearly marked plastic-free containers that are made of 100% post-consumer materials that are made to be recycled again.

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A Radical Solution to Food Waste

Food Tribe is committed to cutting back on the leftovers and food scraps that are tossed mindlessly in the trash each day.

The surplus of fruits and vegetables we forget about can be upcycled into new baked goods or dog treats.

Lauren’s blog posts have transformed our lunches and coffee runs into zero-waste, guilt-free moments.

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Join the tribe and Lauren while discovering recipes for your next waste-free dinner party. Going waste-free has never been so easy.

It’s estimated that the average American family will take home about 1,500 plastic bags a year. Americans also use an average of 500 million plastic straws every day – it’s even estimated that “by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish”.

So do your part – buy the reusable straws to turn down single-use ones, remember your reusable bags, and make the switch to cloth napkins.

We have to start making small switches that add up to global change before it’s too late. If you ever think that you are too small to make a difference, know that you are approximately 1,500 plastic bags off the mark.


Meet Rhianna

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