Year In Review: A Message From the Food Tribe Founder

Food Tribe is a socially conscious restaurant review platform and digital marketing agency. We care about issues related to diners and restaurants in the Los Angeles area - our mission: to connect good people to good food.

While our restaurant review platform is in development, we’re launching great products and services for LA area restaurants and foodies alike. In exchange, for every product and service, a social cause associated with ending hunger is attached.

The Food Tribe Team: Helping Los Angeles area foodies, restaurants, sustainable partners, and nonprofits

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Nonprofits and NGO’s: The people we get to help - the city of Los Angeles and the 1.6 million food insecure who live here.

Sustainable Partners: Those interested in fixing the broken food production and distribution system.

Restaurants in Los Angeles - ethnic, fast food, casual dining or fine dining - Food Tribe is here to help.

Whoever you are, your focus needs to be on the food, not in getting people to find your restaurant. Food Tribe helps you focus on the food so you can spend more time being yourself - a kitchen manager, a chef, or a hospitality manager - anyone that’s responsible for making sure that your restaurant operations strategy is on point.

Foodies - specifically in Los Angeles, but also people from around the world that helped to support Food Tribe’s growth over the past year and a half. Whoever you are, without your help, Food Tribe wouldn’t have been able to grow as much as we have this year.

Food-fluencers - Those people interested in getting the word out about food and food issues. We’d like to partner with you this year in order to connect your audience with great food in Los Angeles and beyond.


Food Tribe’s 2017 in Review: New Team Members, Featured in Eater LA, plus All Indiegogo Supporters are Getting a Free Pair of Socks

As a result of your help, Food Tribe has been able to accomplish a lot along our path to fulfill our mission of connecting good people to good food.

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Our roots run deep - we went from solo founder who started a blog in his spare time to a team of 7 who are interested in helping get the word out about great food.

There have been some lessons along the way though.

While we don’t believe in failure here at Food Tribe, not everything was a success in 2017.

As Founder, I’ve had to reflect on not only led to Food Tribe’s successes in 2017, but what also led to our missteps.

  • Late Indiegogo campaign fulfillment

  • Consistent meetings with team members

  • Learning how to plan campaigns

  • Creating processes to simplify

  • Creating goals

  • Learning how to delegate


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Part of the learning process in launching a company is properly forecasting, managing expectations, and ensuring proper infrastructure and team in order to get your goals out.

In 2018, Food Tribe has been excited to announce the following:

Fulfillment of Indiegogo Campaign Perks - Everyone’s getting a free pair of socks because we were late!

#RestaurantGrowth - Food Tribe is excited to launch a new kind of marketing agency which is focused on #RestaurantGrowth.

Our team of bloggers, SEO specialists, photographers and website developers are here to help Los Angeles area restaurants get the word out about their food. Let us focus on growing your restaurant while you get back to the food.

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Food Tribe Gift Cards - The Food Tribe gift card program is shuttering down for the time being. We recently shut down our relationship with gift card software partner Re-Up.

Later this year, we’ll focus on identifying new ways to provide Los Angeles area foodies and restaurants with a mobile payments option at their favorite Los Angeles area restaurants.

Los Angeles: A city known for its food + “food-fluencers,” and a city looking to fix the broken food production and distribution system

Food Tribe is focused on Los Angeles during 2018 - our birthplace.

Food Tribe’s mission of connecting good food to good people is a result of us wanting to be a different kind of company - one focused on not only helping our restaurants and foodies come together, but also doing it for a greater cause.

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The food production and distribution process is broken, and Food Tribe wants to do its part to fix it.

We believe restaurants and the foodies that love them are in the best position to impact the food production and distribution process.

Which is why the city of Los Angeles is in a great position to impact.

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In addition to our growing base of hungry, as a metropolis, we have the infrastructure and capacity to make a difference.

LA is close to farmland, a booming economic restaurant industry, and has enough civic engagement to truly impact the food ecosystem.

Food Tribe’s hope is to launch our new startup to Los Angeles, and replicate in other cities nationally.

Our goal is to become the first platform of our kind to address the growing disparity between the wealthy and the poor, eventually closing the gap regarding access to basic resource like a meal to eat and sustainability.

In the meantime, our goal is to help Los Angeles area restaurants with their marketing needs.

Our core focus in 2018 is to leverage a branded content strategy to get restaurants and foodies excited about food again - our plan is to tell rich stories around food in order to create awareness around various issues as it relates to the food you eat.

2018 and Beyond: Food Tribe’s Mission is to Connect Good People to Good Food

Food Tribe plans to be the company of the future.

Let’s focus on 2018 for now, and we’ll have other super exciting things to discuss in 2019 and beyond.

How We’re Going To Do It:

The first part of our plan is to focus on our restaurant marketing agency.

By helping restaurants grow, Food Tribe will reinvest in itself and explore partnerships with sustainable partners, restaurants, and nonprofits interested in our mission to end hunger.

Once that happens, we’ll launch subsequent products and services which represents our mission to end hunger.



Because the food production and distribution system is broken due to:

  • Food waste

  • Hunger

  • Unsustainable growth

  • Lack of farmlands


The restaurant industry has a huge role to play in that due to:

  • Food costs

  • Waste costs

There’s also an engaged community around food: restaurants, foodies, influencers and nonprofits all have a role to play.

Food Tribe is excited to bridge the gap between foodies and restaurants, and on a bigger scale, tech and the food industry. We have big things in the pipeline for 2018 and beyond, and we’re excited about where everything is headed.

Join the tribe!


Justin Hussong