Food Tribe USA Launches #RestaurantGrowth - A Food Focused Marketing Agency

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A Food Focused Marketing Agency for Restaurants, Food Brands and More

Food Tribe is a socially conscious restaurant review platform. We care about issues related to diners and restaurants in the Los Angeles area - our mission: to connect good people, to good food.

While our restaurant review platform is in development, we’re launching great products and services for LA area restaurants and foodies alike. In exchange, for every product and service, a social cause associated with ending hunger is attached.

Going Digital: Managing Your Restaurant's Reputation Online

If you're an independent restaurant or food truck owner, you probably know that if your food business isn't online, it might as well be invisible.

86% of diners are going to view your restaurant's menu before they even walk in the door. 

Which means if you're not prepared - you could be missing out on discovering new diners.

Los Angeles: A Food Mecca

Food Tribe is excited to be based in Los Angeles because of the steady stream of foodies and restaurants.

Recently crowned a  "food mecca," foodies travel all over the world in order to visit and dine at some of the best restaurants in the world.

Locations like Downtown LA, West Hollywood, Culver City and Santa Monica are just some of the locations where foodies are visiting in order to try new restaurants.

Cuisines include asian favorites, Latin American flavors, and new American favorites.

Top LA restaurants include:

The problem is, most restaurant owners and food industry professionals don't have the time, energy, or resources to operate their businesses AND to also create a digital marketing strategy that works.

But you're in luck: Food Tribe's here to help you capture the important Millennial audience - or those diners who love food so much that on average they dine out 5 times per week

Additionally, according to a study by LendEDU, millennials spend an average of $163 going out to eat, while only 6% of millennials do not eat out month-to-month. Further, 49% of millennials spend more on eating out each month than they save for retirement. Would it also surprise you that millennials spend $38 per month on coffee, and 27% spend more on coffee than they save for retirement? Because that is true as well!

A back-of-house hourly employee costs almost $3,000 to replace, and managers cost $15,000
— Restaurant News (
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#RestaurantGrowth: A Food Focused Digital Marketing Agency Focused on Putting the Giving Back into Dining Out

Based on feedback from our clients and our fans - we decided to expand our offering by launching a marketing agency dedicated to continuing our mission of connecting good people, to good food. 

We're excited to announce that starting now, Food Tribe is offering the following services for restaurants: 

  • Content Creation: Creating high-quality content like websites, blog articles, and videos is important. Work with Food Tribe to ensure that future diners understand who your restaurant is before they walk in the door. 
  • Marketing Strategy: Food Tribe's team of digital marketers will work with your food business to create marketing campaigns that drive results.
  • Event Planning: Let Food Tribe throw your next party. We can handle everything from the invitations to the DJs. 
  • Everything In Between: We work with a network of food-focused professionals. Our partnership development team can offer you unique opportunities and partnerships meant to help your restaurants bottom line. 

Our team of food lovers believe that by helping your restaurant tell rich stories around your food, we can help you build better relationships with your customers and acquire new ones. 

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Check out Food Tribe's feature in food news site + blog Eater LA.  

Founded in 2015 as a Food Blog, Food Tribe has evolved into so much more.

In 2017 we raised 80% of our crowdfunding goal on platform Indiegogo.

Our #JoinTheTribe: Foodies Feeding Foodies was a campaign we launched in order to raise the funds we need in order to build a socially conscious restaurant review platform.

Restaurant Marketing Services: Promoting Your Food to New Diners

Food Tribe is a partner: We work behind the scenes to get a comprehensive look at what makes your restaurants go - from foodies to Instagram.

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Let us take a look under the hood.

An alarming 17% of restaurants fail in their first year - which is why it’s important you have a handle on your restaurant's marketing efforts.

Once we've identified opportunities for improvement, the real work begins. 

Our team will put together a list of recommendations and a plan of action in order to connect digital experiences (blogs, websites, and social media channels) to in-restaurant dining experiences.

We've taken our 10+ years experience working in the digital marketing and restaurant management industries to make sure that all you have to do is focus on the food.

February Offer: For the Month of February, Food Tribe is offering 10 lucky customers a Free lite version of our SEO Audit! 

Sign Up for our #RestaurantGrowth newsletter for more information on how to redeem this limited time offer. 


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Content Creation: Food Goes Digital

Today’s top restaurants have flourished because they've embraced the power of digital: online experiences and reviews make it easier for new diners to discover (or return to) your restaurant. 

The problem is, there’s a lot of noise, especially online.

Which means that today’s choosy consumer has options.

Which is why before your guests search for your restaurant online - restaurant owners and food professionals need to know what their guests are going to find. 

The best local restaurants and food brands are taking advantage of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and channels like email, search - in order to create awareness and get the word out about their food.

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Regular blogging helps restaurants and food brands increase their SEO ranking - an important aspect of your digital marketing campaign. 

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Newsletter Management

Smart restaurants now that email isn't dead! Learn more how Food Tribe can help you capture your clients email data in order to use unique offers and promotions to get diners into the door. 

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Photo + Video Production

Diners don't just want to read about your restaurant - they want to see it! Learn how rich videos and photo's have the ability to tell your food brands story - as well as capture your guests attention before they step foot in the door. 

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Helping you plan offline events and experiences with your target audience in order to hit your goals. Live events continue to be an important relationship building tool for local restaurants, food brands and more. 

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Identifying the offline and online channels and strategy to reach your audience and hit your goals. Let the Food Tribe team work in order to create a digital marketing strategy that includes everything from Instagram to Facebook. 

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Identifying offline and online partners to help reach your audience and achieve your goals is going to be an important part of your 2018 marketing strategy. Food Tribe pairs our restaurants with influencers in order to get the word out about their food. 

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2018: Your Food Brand's Year

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Food Tribe’s #RestaurantGrowth marketing agency officially went live in 2018.

Last year, we spent the better part of our year building our team, and figuring out just which services we should offer to restaurants this year.

That means for a limited time, we’re accepting just a few high-quality clients: once February ends, we'll begin the process of filtering out requests for partnerships.


As a special thank you to our friends and family, we’re offering 10  clients a free lite version of our #RestaurantGrowth SEO audit.

Interested in Partnering with Food Tribe?

If you’re interested in learning more about how Food Tribe can help you, feel free to reach out to us via email and we’ll get back to you.

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If you’re ready to move forward with a 15-minute consultation, feel free to schedule some time with Food Tribe founder Terence.

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