Eating for the Planet CONTEST: Win THREE Nights Traveling with Co-Living Community Outsite

Intro: Food Tribe is a 360° platform connecting local restaurants and food brands to their biggest fans. We put the giving in eating out.

Our Radic(ALL) event and campaign is all about making sustainability more digestible .- 40% of the food America produces every year ends up in the trash, yet 16% of Los Angeles doesn’t know where they’re going to get their next meal from.

Our friends at Outsite agree that sustainability is a cause we can ALL rally around.

Sustainability itself isn’t sustainable, and in order to reverse a lot of the bad trends and habits the food industry has developed, we all need to rethink what it means to create a sustainable food industry.

While our restaurant review platform is in development, we’re launching great products and services for LA area restaurants and foodies alike.

Question for you foodies out there:

What's your favorite thing to eat while on vacation?

  • Fresh fruit?

  • Local barbecue?

As long as its something tasty - we can all agree eating while traveling is part of the fun.

Outsite + Food Tribe have partnered to help YOU get the word out about sustainable eating.

bamboo hawaii.jpeg

Keep reading for your chance to win a FREE trip.

Outsite offers RADICAL change makers - creatives, entrepreneurs and do-it-yourselfers, with co-living space.

Imagining meeting your next business partner, collaborator, or client, all to the backdrop of a new city, locale, and the tasty #eeeeeats that keep you going.

Travel is a great way to get perspective - learn how great this planet we call home - Earth - is made up of beautiful locations like #Hawaii#Lisbon and #Bali.

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We're in a GIVING mood today - which is why we want to offer you the chance of a lifetime.

If you haven't already, head over to Eventbrite in order to purchase your tickets.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Our friends at #Outsite have offered you guys a FREE stay at one of their 13-international locations.

Spend 3 nights (free of charge) in the location of your choice - just by participating in our online campaign.

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Here's how:

Step 1.

Take a photo of your favorite location - sustainable = beautiful, so let us see locations which inspire you to seek a more sustainable planet

Step 2. 

Tag a friend you'd love to travel with + the perfect snack you'd like to share at this location (examples include tagging your favorite restaurant or snack brand, or menu item)

Step 3.

 Entries must be hashtagged #stayworkplay #stayworkeat on Instagram.

Step 4. 

Must enter during the month of December, 2018.
Winner will be messaged on Instagram on January 3rd, 2019.


  • Valid on a 3 nights stay in any Outsite location, excl. Venice, NYC & San Diego. 

  • 3 night stay must be taken consecutively. 

  • Prize valid for 1 year post-announcement.


A #LinkedInLocal Event


Food Tribe is a 360° restaurant technology platform interested in food. We’re starting the conversation to drive RADIC(ALL) change around food issues like sustainability and waste.

Join us December 15th in Venice for a fun way to learn more about the issue.

We think that throwing away 40% of our food when 16% of LA is food insecure doesn’t make any sense.

Terence Latimer