Talking #RadicALL Sustainability, Fitness and Tacos With La Niecia Vicknair of Kinetic Studio

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Food Tribe had a chance to chop it up with a fellow Los Angeles food industry entrepreneur who is killing it.

La Niecia Vicknair is the founder of Kinetic Studio, a workout facility that places added emphasis on the mind, body and spirit as opposed to just how much you can bench.

La Niecia joined us as a panelist at our #EatingForPlanet: a #RadicALL Panel on Food Sustainability with our friends at Outsite.

Her expertise as a nutrition and exercise specialist, as well as an entrepreneur in the health and fitness space make her the perfect source of knowledge to help all of us at the event learn ways to do better.

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Kinetic Studio isn’t your typical gym. They prioritize sustainability and long-term success with every client. They educate gym-goers on the importance of eating healthy and being able to work out sensibly by making the process fun and team-oriented. The classes cover everything you could ask for, including circuit training, boxing or strength and conditioning work, which is all supplemented with other classes that stress the health of the mind and the soul. For every hardcore circuit training class, there’s also meditation, yoga and stretch therapy.


“It’s always been a passion to open a facility in our predominantly affluent African American neighborhood,” said La Niecia. “There were no studios around, and we wanted to provide what you’d see in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills and bring it to our people, educate them on the importance of eating healthy.”

While building Food Tribe, we know about the difficulties that young startups face, and it was great to hear La Niecia’s take on the toughest parts of building a successful business in this industry.

La Niecia also noted how so many people frequent the average Planet Fitness or 24-Hour Fitness due to cheaper prices, but what you often get what you pay for. This is where studios like Kinetic Studio go above and beyond, and if people are truly willing to invest in their health and their futures, you get so much more with the independently-owned business than you do at the bigger gyms.

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“Competing with bigger brands where they pay $20 and we are $199 isn’t easy, but they get 10 times more with us.”

By offering such a unique variety of classes, Kinetic Studio has been able to position itself as a fitness hub for people of all age groups and with any type of fitness goal. They can help you add muscle, lean out, become more flexible, but most importantly shape a healthy lifestyle that is fun, empowering, and most importantly...sustainable.

“Sustainability to me means making smart choices on where it is that you shop, whether they use paper bags or plastic bags, things like that,” she said. “Being cognizant of how much food you order  and whether or not you’re eating it all is important. It’s also very important for us to enjoy an earth where we’re not having crazy fires or hurricanes. Using dishes instead of styrofoam cups and paper/plastic plates, all the little things matter.”

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Americans’ portion sizes are astronomical compared to other countries. We waste 40% of our food, and portion sizes are a huge part of that.

“We somewhat take food for granted, and sometimes instead of using food as nourishment, we use it as a coping tool whether people are stressed out or depressed.

Kinetic Studio’s goals in the nutrition department involve getting off fast food and onto whole foods. This involves a lot of herbs, seasonings and no preservatives.

“What we teach at our studio is how to eat clean, but we don’t believe in cold turkeying anybody because it never works. Maybe you love to eat tacos, so let’s talk about what you put in your taco. Maybe we can turn that taco into a taco salad.”

So, how can we do better, La Niecia?

Photo: Giphy

Photo: Giphy

“I think being more aware of what we’re doing and more cognizant of it. A lot of us have reusable bags in our car, but how many of us remember to take those bags out? Making better decisions when going out to events, people tend to take refills and go get 5 new cups or 5 new plates. Certain things like that are so important”

We love to ask all our partners and interviewees what the last great thing they had to eat was, and staying true to her brand, La Niecia gave us the healthiest answer we’ve probably ever had!

“I had a spicy chicken skillet, chick sausage jalapenos potatoes and eggs.”

Can’t go wrong there.

Sounds like the perfect brunch.

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