6 RadicALL Influencers Helping Make Sustainability More Digestible

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In honor of Food Tribe’s upcoming Radic(all) event (tickets still available!), we are continuing to shed light on the beautiful people in this world doing great things to support the planet and promote more sustainable lifestyles. Our goal is to make sustainability more digestible and show everyone that small changes make a huge impact.

Radic(all) will be taking place at Outsite on December 15, 2018 and feature plenty of networking between partners, restaurant owners, foodies, influencers and entrepreneurs who share the common goal of changing the world through building a healthier food industry and more sustainable methods of living. We are all hungry and we are all RADICALL.

One of the questions we keep hearing since announcing the event pertains to ways we can do better. How exactly can I contribute to sustainability and be part of the solution instead of part of the problem?

You don’t have to go to the lengths that Ernst Gotsch went to and plant your own forest (though if you can...go for it!). It could be something as simple as cooking at home more often. Small actions at scale create massive impact.

We understand that the idea of sustainability can be intimidating, so we are going to shed light on some influencers who are doing things right. Your average millennial foodie can relate more to a sustainable influencer on Instagram than they could to a guy who created a forest in South America.

Here are some awesome people to follow if you’re looking for inspiration on how to be more sustainable with your own lifestyle.

Katie Roberts (@SustainabilityInStyle)

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Katie is the creator of Sustainability in Style, a site dedicated to helping the fashionable people of the world become more conscious consumers. The site features education on sustainability, academic research, mindful living tips, and so much more all in one place in order to give us the proper tools to help the ecosystem through fashion.

You can be a part of her #GarmentGratitude movement on Instagram. All you have to do is share a photo of yourself in a clothing item you love and explain why you love it in the caption. You then give thanks to the people or the planet for making it and pledge a positive action you’ll take while wearing said clothing item!

Dominique Drakeford (@Melaninass)

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On average, we waste 40% of the food we buy, which is truly an unacceptable number. Intentionalism aims to stop that by providing fun DIY tips to help preserve some of the things you might have wound up throwing away. Did you know you can make play dough from elderberry syrup? Now you do. You’ll also find plenty of ways to darn old socks, compost your trash items and rid yourself of that reliance on plastic bags!

Jonathan Levy (@ZeroWasteGuy)

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Zero Waste Guy is one of the most sustainable influencers in Los Angeles, a city with a huge food waste and hunger problem as we have discussed countless times. Jonathan’s Instagram focuses more on traditional waste, featuring many photos of garbage cans and dumpsters, as well as street litter. This is a strong contrast from all those mason jars filled with dried fruits you’re more accustomed to seeing on Instagram. But we need people like Jonathan to show us the real issues. Oftentimes seeing the problem itself is much more impactful than just seeing the end result. Jonathan also gives shoutouts to other progressive people who are doing great things in the sustainability space while also challenging those who are part of the problem.

Tinger Hseih (@DashofTing)

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Tinger is not only the hookup for LA’s best under-the-radar food spots, but she is also one of the pre-eminent health-conscious influencers in the food community. As the founder of Dash of Ting, Tinger partners with some of the biggest brands in the game during her travels around the world to highlight the best local foods and better ways of living. Being healthy and sustainable doesn’t mean you have to eat leaves and never leave your house. Tinger takes us around the world to show us how it’s done!

Lunna Piggatto Rispazso (@Vainana_)

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Lunna of VAINANA knows a thing or two about turning complicated ideas - into beautiful stories designed to inspire the next generation of changemakers.

We’d know - she works with Food Tribe founder Terence in order to make sure that all of the blog, video and social media content we release - tells the stories and convey the values which define us as a brand.

VAINANA is an artistic project aiming to tackle the food waste issue by re-purposing trash with art.


VAINANA’s intention is to use art as a tool for positive change and new sustainable habits, translating impactful concepts into concrete & creative ideas.

Donate to help bring their experience design workshop to LA!

Lunna takes photographs where she exposes banana peels found thrown on the ground in multiple cities around the world.

Tough problems like food waste and sustainability means you might need to figure out some creative ways to stay motivated and focused.

As a creative studio + startup, VAINANA is looking for sponsors to help bring their thought provoking art + service design experiences to Food Tribe. Learn how you can support.

Which is why the VAINANA social media channels offers you insightful and thought-provoking ways to challenge old - and new - ideas you might have about sustainability.

Lunna + the VAINANA team have partnered with Food Tribe to create an interactive design experience at our Eating for Planet: Sustainable Panel + Restaurant Crawl with Outsite.

In addition for your chance to win a FREE 3 Night stay at Outsite, you might be ready to play fun, though provoking games designed to inspire the next generation of creator.

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These are some of the best of the best when it comes to documenting ways to preserve our planet through food and lifestyle choices. If you’d like to get more familiar with their journeys and their message, go ahead and give them a follow. With tickets still available for our Radic(all) event, come on by and network with us before our restaurant crawl and you just might meet some of these fine people.