3 Sustainable Food Brands You Need to Know About

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Food Tribe’s Radic(all) event is all about promoting sustainability in the food industry and also throughout the planet. As advocates of these positive changes, we love to educate our audience by exposing them to other brands and companies putting the planet first.

In a world where 40% of our food goes to waste and so many people in LA have no idea where their next meal is coming from, we are heading towards a full-blown climate crisis by 2040. While it seems dark, these are the facts but this is only the reality without RADICAL change!

Micro actions make a macro impact. We have covered influencers, businesses, restaurants and overall great people who are doing their part to preserve the planet, and these three brands are killing it right alongside them.

Salty Girl Seafood

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This wonderful company sources its fish specifically from small-scale fisheries to ensure their customers eat nothing but the freshest catch. This is especially important when it comes to seafood, as you see when you go to your local sushi restaurant. The maintenance and upkeep is heightened when working with such a delicate food type.

With each package from Salty Girl Seafood, you also receive a code that you can use to trace where your package came from and find out the name of the fisherman who caught it. You can even find out the name of their boat!

Forging a better connection between humans and the ocean is great for sustainability, and nobody is doing it better than Salty Girl.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

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Healthy ice cream brands such as Enlightened and Halo Top have risen to prominence over the past few years, but Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams takes things a bit further. Jeni’s doesn’t use flavorings, dyes or any mixes in their ice cream as they pride themselves on creating texture and flavor without them.

Jeni’s prioritized community over everything else. They rely on what they call a fellowship model, which is an understanding that it takes a community of people to create special ice cream from the ground up. Growers, producers, suppliers and customers are all a vital part of the process. Making delicious ice cream using higher quality ingredients requires more work, but Jeni’s believes it is well worth it. By building relationships with everyone they buy from, Jeni’s is able to get only the best ingredients for their product.

Few foods bring people together quite like ice cream. The world would be better off with more brands that prioritize growing a business as a community of people as opposed to simply focusing on money. The message and the process always win out, and the cream always rises to the top!

Fetzer Wines

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According to millennials, going out sucks. The generation much prefers a Netflix binge accompanied by some fine wine, which is exactly where Fetzer Wines fits in.

Fetzer is the very first California winery to rely solely on renewable energy. As one of the world’s first no-waste wine producers, Fetzer is atop the chart when it comes to sustainability in the wine industry. They were the first winery in the world to begin reporting their greenhouse gas emissions to the Climate Registry and have a target of 99.9% waste diversion by 2020. They have even invested in advanced water metering technology that catches leaks and potential water waste instantly to make sure no single drop goes wasted. With the assistance of worms and microbes, Fetzer treats its process water naturally and saves up to a million kilowatt hours of electricity every year, which is enough to power over 1,100 American homes for a full year.

They’ve got your typical Cabernet Sauvignons, Zinfandels and anything else you desire. As they say, what’s good for the earth is good for the grape. This means it’s definitely good for your belly, and also your Netflix binges.

Fresh fish, wine and ice cream? Sounds like the perfect night in. Should you happen to make it out of the house instead, Food Tribe still has tickets available to our Radic(all) event where you can network and meet many other outstanding foodies and restaurants dominating the sustainability industry.

Terence Latimer