The Best and Most RadicALL Venice Area Restaurants & Businesses Who Promote Sustainability

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One of the most integral aspects of Food Tribe’s Radic(ALL) campaign is highlighting and celebrating restaurants who are doing things the right way by prioritizing the health of the people and the planet. These are ten of the best Venice restaurants that do exactly that.

While the Radic(ALL) event will take place in Venice, it’s just the first step for radicalizing the food industry around the world. Studies show that at our current pace, the world has 60 years left before our planet’s soil quality becomes diminished to the point of no return. With plenty of tickets still available for both foodies and restaurants, make sure to check out the link and come eat, network, learn about how to improve your foodprint...and have fun!

Radic(ALL) is all about food sustainability, and each restaurant on this list puts sustainability first. If you’ve never had a bite at these places, we encourage you to check them out. You might even find some of them at our event!

Photo: Eater LA

Photo: Eater LA

Matthew Kenney’s goal is to craft the future of food by pushing the world to embrace the need for a healthier diet and plant-based food consumption. His California-based lifestyle company provides top-notch products and services in the culinary art and wellness markets through its various business segments - media, products, education, hospitality, wellness and services. Plant Food + Wine is the embodiment of all his radical and futuristic ideas.

At PFW, you are treated to a decadent wine list of both organic and biodynamic varietals. These exquisite wines are the perfect accompaniment to the eclectic menu of plant-based, locally sourced foods that will make you wonder why you ever ate meat to begin with. Whether you have a craving for brunch, lunch or dinner, their menu will surely fire up your taste buds.


Photo: Yelp!

Photo: Yelp!

If you’ve worn any of TOMS shoes or other apparel, you’ve made a difference in the world whether you know it or not. Through TOMS’ One for One model, one person is helped every time one product is purchased via new shoes, money put towards sight-saving surgery, clean drinking water, training to help women safely give birth while avoiding infection, and so much more. With the help of their partners, TOMS has protected over 2 million children from hookworm with medication and TOMS shoes.

TOMS’ newest initiative is to end gun violence. They are giving $5 million to organizations around the country in an effort to put a stop to gun violence, which was recently discussed in more detail by their CEO on Jimmy Fallon!

If you want to make a difference but don’t know where to start, TOMS is a great place to look into. They are killing it in so many different ways and setting an incredible example for restaurants and businesses across the globe.

We Got Pops

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Food Tribe’s favorite all-natural popsicle stand is taking you back to your childhood one pop at a time. Owner Greg Fisher uses only natural, sustainable ingredients largely influenced from his extensive time spent in South America, where using natural ingredients to make popsicles wasn’t such a crazy idea.

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