#NYCFoodCulture: STK - The Coolest Steakhouse New York Has to Offer

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Food Tribe has had the privilege of working with and featuring so many innovative restaurants, chefs and foodies on our platform in our quest to become the preeminent LA food blog....but you’ll miss a lot of food havens if you never look outside your own backyard.

By continuing our mission of shedding more light on The Big Apple, we were able to find out more about one of New York City’s absolute gems...and although we’re always hungry, we’re happy to share with our tribe. You may not feel quite as generous when you order a steak from STK, the modern steakhouse of your dreams nestled into the heart of West Village.

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Jenna Rosen, Marketing Manager at The ONE Group, was kind enough to give us a unique perspective on her role in the food industry before shipping off to Paris. As a tech/marketing company at our core, we have a strong appreciation for what fellow marketers in the food industry are tasked with. Even though Jenna admittedly grew up eating mostly chicken tenders, she is now the driving force behind not only one of New York’s hottest new steakhouses, but also a global leader in the hospitality industry expanding to locations in Miami, London and Milan.

The ONE Group provides high-end hospitality for hotels, casinos and other locations around the world. The company oversees STK, its primary restaurant brand. STK is a stunning venue that seamlessly blends the feel of a modern steakhouse with a chic, hip lounge. You won’t be taking too many food photos for your Instagram, as the layout is designed to encourage guests to mingle with one another and bond over innovative dishes and whatever music the house DJ is choosing to spin that night. STK currently has 29 locations.

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As for the menu? It’s equally as eclectic. Far from your average run-of-the-mill steak and potatoes menu, STK’s trademark innovation reflects upon every part of the menu giving diners access to fun options they won’t always find at the typical steakhouse. You’ll find an array of beautiful burrata, Tuscan kale, and other colorful salads, an off-the-wall group of starters including smoked bacon, Japanese carpaccio and short rib ravioli, all setting the stage for that 34-oz. dry-aged tomahawk steak you know is too intriguing to pass up.

Jenna runs all digital marketing and content creation for ONE Group, which includes a particularly mouth-watering Instagram page from STK. As anyone who runs a restaurant knows, the first key to staying power in the industry is great food, but what is great food without any hungry customers?

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That is where content strategy comes in. According to Jenna, the best way to increase your brand are with high res, colorful ads and photos to drive traffic and gain interest from your followers. If you are an aspiring foodie or content manager, you could learn a lot from STK’s page. Not only do they take stellar, colorful photos of people enjoying their restaurant, but they also routinely go the extra mile by posting on Instagram stories and engaging with their audience. This is how you develop a loyal community instead of relying on random foot traffic.

In addition to content strategy, we had to ask Jenna what makes New York food culture so special! She noted how everything stays open so late and that New York’s deep-rooted culture makes it so easy to get the best of whatever you’re looking for, whether it be dumplings in Chinatown, cannolis in Little Italy, or even if you just want to hit up the local bodega to see what looks good. Don’t even get us started on the halal carts on every corner.

You just don’t find that in other cities. LA has become a great melting pot over the years, but the divide is not as clear as New York, where you can walk from one street to the next and feel like you are in a different country.

STK is the perfect restaurant to check out if you are craving high-end food but fear the often typical snooty ambiance that caters to an older crowd you sometimes find in a steakhouse. It’s fun, colorful and engaging in a way that appeals to real foodies and millennials that Food Tribe loves to take care of.

We can’t thank Jenna Rosen enough for telling us more about it and can’t wait to stop by for a steak next time we are on the East Coast. If you are a foodie - you must stop in for a meal. If you are a brand - you MUST contact them for hospitality services, as they are second to none.

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