Talking #LAFoodCulture with Afterbuzz TV's Christine Alexis

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The great city of Los Angeles is a culinary gem in a world full of wonderful food cities. It stands out due to its diversity, ability to set trends, and recent push towards good health. No matter what you are craving, you’ll find it in LA - but there are a few foods that LA does better than just about anyone.

Of course, we are talking about tacos.

Food Tribe had the pleasure of hitting up one of Los Angeles’ hottest taco spots called Loqui in Culver City. Of course, what’s great food without great company? We were joined by Christine Alexis of AfterBuzz TV and had a great time with lots of laughs, talking LA food culture, moving across the country and all things tacos.

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Discover LA

Discover LA

Loqui is special due to its Northern-style tacos that rest on homemade flour tortillas, an authentic touch you won’t find just anywhere. The authenticity smacks you right in the face as soon as you try to order a taco (they’re called primos here) and realize they also have Mexican Coke.

“It’s a fairly new area that’s been constructed by the Metro in Culver City, and it’s super trendy and has such a relaxing vibe with really great food and really great service. It’s the perfect everyday spot for me.”

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Great food is just one of the many reasons why this New York native decided to make the move across the country.

“The entertainment industry. Also just wanting a complete fresh start. I was starting to feel really stagnant there and that I just wasn’t really inspired, so I figure I’d come to LA where every time i visited I felt a new sense of purpose and felt revitalized so it made sense to come here.”

Native Angelenos are always hip to the best taco spots, but few cities have as many transplants as LA. Because of that, it’s not always easy to find your taco groove early on. There are countless events such as Smorgasburg and Taste Talks to go to in order to get acclimated, but like many of us, Christine leaned on the classics to ease the transition. Eventually we all have to learn how to eat like true Angelenos.

“Taco Bell and Chipotle will always be really good drunk food, but I try to just try different mom and pop shops near my house because it’s authentic because that’s not something you were spoiled with back home, and now I’m lowkey a taco connoisseur.”

Unfortunately, for every delicious taco and poke bowl found out in Los Angeles, there’s one equally delicious pizza and bagel left uneaten back in New York. These are the common foods one misses when heading west, but Christine misses something closer to her heritage and upbringing.

“I miss Haitian food and I miss just my corner bodegas.”

Los Angeles does a lot of things well, but not the bodega. SoCal knows very little about the Jamaican beef patty, jerk chicken, fried plantains, saltfish and bammies, though you can find anything if you look hard enough.

I miss Haitian food and I miss just my corner bodegas.

It does force us to try acai and poke, though!

“My mom laughs at me when I tell her that kale and quinoa have become staples in my diet and that i have avocado toast for breakfast! I guess she’s thinking about the 10-year-old girl who she couldn’t get to eat her vegetables.”

If catching her on AfterBuzz TV isn’t enough, Christine also further developed her love and appreciation for food and drink working at Sonoma Wine Garden in Santa Monica, making her a perfect person to go to for some wine knowledge (she is also the hook up if you are craving bottomless mimosas or a great old-fashioned!)

“When smaller vineyards make their own batches, it gets hard to tell what’s bitter or not just looking at the bottle. Look at where it’s from, like Napa County wine is a California wine so you’re going to get something local that’s full-bodied.”

LA Food Culture is built upon the open-mindedness, diversity and youthful exuberance of awesome foodies such as Christine Alexis. The food itself is driven by health and innovation, but it’s the people that make it so great.

“I think LA as a city is really on that health wave too, if you look at a lot of American comfort food restaurants and their menus you see a lot of similarities comprised of brussels sprouts and cauliflower with different ways to dress up vegetables.”

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