Talking #LAFoodCulture With Prep'd, Inc. Founder Taylor Moore

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Food Tribe is taking a deeper dive into #LAFoodCulture, by featuring the chefs, restaurateurs, and foodies that make LA's food scene what it is. We want to hear from various perspectives about LA's food culture, and are excited to share those voices with you!

The food industry is full of people who strive to change and push the envelope, but few are actually able to execute and make a huge impact. That is exactly what Taylor Moore is doing as the founder of Prep’d, a healthy meal delivery service that certainly does not sacrifice any taste or creativity at the expense of nutrition.

Prep’d is also all about providing more value than your typical food delivery service.

“The main part of our program is that we give back a meal for every meal that we sell.”

This is a big part of Food Tribe’s message as well, and it is exciting to see Prep’d using food for the greater good. Taylor spoke passionately about the motives behind the company, and while #LAFoodCulture has so much to offer in terms of organic ingredients and fresh farm-to-table products, not everyone has access to such luxuries. Prep’d makes it easier for even the less fortunate to be healthy.


A former Division 1 volleyball player, Taylor has always prioritized a balanced diet, and what better place to embrace that lifestyle than beautiful Southern California? With all the beautiful farm-to-table options and exciting fusion restaurants popping up in LA, Taylor had some great insight for us next time we are craving some healthy eats.


“Everywhere i go, the focus is a placed a lot more on where the food comes from. Which farms are being sourced from, where the meat is raised, that really specific level of detail of who is growing and raising our food is added to the menus that I see way more than I saw even just five years ago.”

She raved about The Hook & Plow and Manhattan House, which is a newer venue that partners with the local elementary schools to help kids nurse their own sustainable gardens. Kids also get to come in and cook with the chefs, using the vegetables they grew. Many times they even get their recipes featured on the menu!


However, don’t bother checking the menu online...because it changes every day.

We asked Taylor what’s the best thing she has eaten recently, and she had the scoop. If you need your vegetable fix, Charcoal in Venice is the move. She stressed the charred broccolini and roasted “teenage carrots” (they aren’t quite baby carrots.)

Charcoal makes sure you aren’t stuck with a boring raw veggie platter. All their food is roasted over open charcoal to develop that nice crust to trap all that smoky flavor inside. It’s comfort food without the regret.

Of course, we had to ask Taylor what her table would look like for her last meal on earth.

“Probably a really good juicy steak - medium. And garlicky, coconut milk mashed sweet potatoes.”

Spoken like a true Californian - healthy from the beginning to the end! She did note there’d be plenty of chocolate present as well, which, come’s the last meal on earth. You gotta have chocolate.


Speaking with Taylor gave us a stronger appreciation for what #LAFoodCulture has to offer. It’s so much more than Asian fusion and rolled ice cream. Companies like Prep’d and restaurants like Manhattan House are making a profound impact in the community and by improving the lives of Californians.

We can’t wait to see what the next steps for Prep’d are and to watch them use food as a path to make a huge difference in the culture. We also can’t wait to see what’s on the menu next month!

Justin Hussong