Culture: the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

So what exactly is #LAFoodCulture?

Food Tribe is building a platform where you will be able to find great LA eateries with dependable reviews, but it’s even more than that. Food Tribe cares about why people care about food; the art of food, the love of food, and most importantly, because Food Tribe is launching in Los Angeles - the city behind the food.

#LAFoodCulture is the happiness of finding a delicious new restaurant, bar, or market, sharing it with those you love, and in one way or another capturing the phenomenal food culture we have in Los Angeles. Because the actual heart and culture around tacos and burgers and pizza is what’s important to us, we are designing a platform that reflects just that: the heart of foodies. Food Tribe’s new platform and #LAFoodCulture campaign aim to connect good people to good food, who will provide honest and reliable reviews of the restaurants we all love so much.

The perfect meal is nothing less than art. A knife and skillet are a chef’s paintbrush and canvas. They take time, care, and most of all love to prepare their best dishes for hundreds of thousands of Angelenos and we want to help bring out their creativity and passion by authentically connecting them to the people that love to eat their food.

Q Sushi (PC: LA Weekly)

Q Sushi (PC: LA Weekly)

Every city has its own food specialties and food culture. Through the #LAFoodCulture campaign, we’ll be sharing the culture, art, beauty, and tastes of our city through the voices of some of our favorite chefs and restaurateurs. Stay tuned!

Terence Latimer