#RestaurantReviewsSuck: Inside Food Tribe's Mission to Build a Better Restaurant Review Platform


Restaurant reviews suck

Intro: Foodies and Restaurants deserve a better restaurant review platform. Food Tribe is a socially conscious restaurant review site committed to ending world hunger.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2015, our new restaurant review platform is going to be released to a special group of Beta Testers beginning 2018.

We're currently operating in stealth mode so we can get the right feedback to build a restaurant review platform that’s going to change the world.

If you're interested in learning more about Food Tribe's mission to connect good people to good food, be sure to sign up as a Beta Tester when our prototype releases. 

16% of all online reviews are fake.png


16% of Restaurant Reviews are Fake

There’s that one crazy owner who pays for fake reviews.

And that angry diner who’s review may have bent the facts.



Meet our friends, Owen and Franchesca.

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foodie franchesa.jpeg

You guys know Franchesca: she’s a Millennial, a foodie, and eats out 5x/week.

Owen is a restaurant owner who spends 2 - 10% of his revenue marketing on restaurant review sites.

Our friends love talking about food.

When things are going well, Franchesca and Owen build community together.

For Franchesca, a good review means trying new restaurants and enjoying them.


For Owen, good reviews make his restaurant better.

Today, the community is broken.

Francesca hides behind her computer saying things that aren’t true.

Owen is so busy marketing that he forgets his Franchesca is a customer and not a number.  

Enter Food Tribe.


Food Tribe wants to build a better community of foodies.

Imagine a scoop of Yelp, with a side of Reddit, sprinkled with TOMS Shoes’ biz model.

Our secret sauce is our review formula, an upvote / downvote reddit style game.

Franchesa earns points in exchange for reviews that “The Food Tribe,” or other reviewers deem as credible.

Points can be spent at Owen’s restaurant for prizes like free food for Franchesca, or meal donations to Food Tribe giving partners.

If you’re interested in learning more, about Food Tribe's in development restaurant review platform, be sure to follow the Food Tribe blog.

Terence Latimer