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Hola amigos! My name’s Terence, and I’m the Founder of Food Tribe

… a restaurant review platform that intends to end hunger.

I started Food Tribe after taking a one day course with Millenial though leader and career coach, Smiley Poswolsky. The subject that day was finding purpose in your work, something he explained, had led him to quit his job and pursue a career in writing and public speaking. 

 In order to find purpose in your work Smiley argues, you need to take personal inventory of three areas of life: 

Recipe for Finding Purpose in Your Work

  1. Identify your natural talents
  2. Define the quality of life you want 
  3. Figure out the type of impact you want to have on the world 

Food Tribe started as an idea on a piece of paper at General Assembly class last year in Santa Monica. 

   After taking inventory of how I defined purpose in my work,  Food Tribe  was born.


After taking inventory of how I defined purpose in my work, Food Tribe was born.


Food Tribe began as an idea, and is now so much more. 

Fast forward a year + an a accelerated “degree” in Product Management with General Assembly, and Food Tribe has seen some growth.


Pretty soon, I got my first feature with Smashd, an online publication and accelerator founded by Atom Factory’s Troy Carter, a successful entrepreneur and former manager of Lady Gaga. 

After that, an accelerated business development program with Ruckus Projects was up next. Ruckus Projects is a coworking group run in conjunction with Downtown Los Angeles’ Impact Hub. While at Ruckus, I met some great people who challenged business assumptions and helped me get out of my comfort zone as a way of adding some jet fuel to Food Tribe’s growth. 


 Two months later, and Food Tribe hired its first intern, Hailey. Hailey has been working with me the past month as Product Intern, responsible for helping me build and launch Food Tribe 1.0

It Ain’t Over Yet: Food Tribe is Just Getting Started

The journey thus far has been amazing: I’ve met some incredible people who’ve contributed to Food Tribe’s development. I’ve researched and learned about issues important to restaurants and foodies alike, while also figuring out the type of company I want Food Tribe to become.

As I continue to develop Food Tribe, I look forward to exploring different ways for the company to make a difference, which is why I need your help. 

I’ve taken Food Tribe just about as far as I can on my own, so I’m launching a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The funds I raise will be used to design, build, and launch Food Tribe 1.0, the world’s first restaurant review site that intends to end hunger. 

Restaurant reviews suck, for both restaurants and diners. Here’s how:

There’s Hope

Social entrepreneurs everywhere are creating solutions to major problems and making them fun, which is how Food Tribe was born. I had this idea of creating a restaurant review platform that could provide a way for restaurants and their patrons to address LA’s local hunger issue.

Feeding the Hungry

Los Angeles has the largest food insecure population in the United States, with more than 50% of its population lacking access to daily nutritional requirements. I believe that Los Angeles’ exploding food scene — foodies and the restaurants they love — is the perfect group to address this problem.


Food Tribe on Indiegogo

Food Tribe’s crowdfunding campaign will be on Indiegogo. I’m raising $3000 to help launch Food Tribe 1.0, my first experiment combining a business model based on social impact with a revenue-generating restaurant review site.

I’ve partnered with Santa Monica gourmet cookie shop Cookie Good to raise the $3000 I’ll need to design, build, and launch Food Tribe 1.0, by offering gift certificates as perks to help me hit my fundraising goal. 


Supporting Food Tribe is tasty! Support the campaign by purchasing a gift certificate to Cookie Good, redeemable for a box of gourmet cookies, brownies, or a mix.


Plus, for every gift certificate sold, 4 meals will be donated to the LA Food Bank. With your support, you can help Los Angeles address its growing food insecurity problem + support a great local organization.


Coming Soon

While I’m putting the finishing touches on the campaign, you can get involved in three ways:



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