@foodtribeusa Blog Post #10: #Startup Diaries - Reflecting on @foodtribeusa's social #entrepreneurship journey with @RuckusProjects

Social entrepreneurship with food tribe and ruckus projects via impact hub dtla

Thursday, after 3 months of hanging out together, a group of 13 strangers wrapped up a journey dedicated to helping social entrepreneurs get up, get moving and to get projects, ideas, and companies dedicated to social impact - out. 

Set in Downtown LA's revitalized Arts District, The Ruckus Projects team came together on a Saturday in January at the Impact Hub co-working space. 

Through a series of exercises to test assumptions and to force alternative problem-solving methods, 11 entrepreneurs banded together by offering frank feedback, holding each other accountable, and most importantly, remaining consistent. ALL of us saw tremendous progress towards our goals of getting our projects out.

A group dedicated to giving African-American women a platform to entrepreneurship. Affordable housing for LA's homeless. Technology to help students combat bullying. A web series to encourage America's girls that its cool to be interested in STEM arts (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) - these were the caliber of people Food Tribe had the pleasure of learning with. 

As Food Tribe enters into its next phase of its growth, I look forward to unveiling exciting updates, events, as well as opportunities for you to participate. In the next few weeks, we'll even offer you a sneak peak into Food Tribe 1.0

With that, I want to thank all of the people who've had an impact on Food Tribe, but would specifically express gratitude to my Ruckus teammates, who challenged me, encouraged me, and most importantly, laughed with me. Thanks amigos for offering your hearts and your ears, the most important utilities!