@foodtribeusa - Blog Post #9 - @coniseafood

I had the chance to check out Coni'Seafood a couple of weeks ago during a random Friday with some co-workers. Unfamiliar with the place - I wasn't sure what to expect.

Hidden away in Inglewood this Mexican seafood restaurant offers delicious seafood dishes amplified by a home like ambiance and a friendly wait staff. 

When I arrived, I was warned that when you eat at Coni'Seafood, you were treated like family: good food takes time to create, so you best enjoy the breeze on the outdoor patio and sip on a Michelada.  

The food was delicious and beautiful - vibrant colors + plating's made taste even better. 

Part of LA legend Johnathon Gold's 101 Best Restaurants in LA, the @foodtribeusa team would definitely recommend Coni'Seafood to our friends.


Terence LatimerComment