@foodtribeusa - Blog Post #7 - #MyLAFoodStory

Food Tribe's Upcoming food show #MyLAFoodStory

We've been busy! Since joining the Ruckus Projects team I've gotten a ton more clarity for what Food Tribe has got in store for the first part of 2016: #MyLAFoodStory...

#MyLAFoodStory is Food Tribe's launch party: a campaign to showcase our commitment to helping LA food lovers highlight and discover the best dishes LA has to offer,  all while empowering local restaurants to end hunger in Los Angeles by responsibly rerouting food waste. 


Well, that might not have been a mic drop worthy moment, but that vision is something I can fully stand behind, which makes me happy.

#MyLAFoodStory is going to bring a bunch of things including:

  • A Food Tribe Webseries,  

  • Food Tribe 1.0 app release, and

  • Introductions to new Food Tribe friends, and news on LA's fight against restaurant food waste

#MyLAFoodStory is about YOU. Food Tribe's goal  is to get to know you better: figuring out the best way to bring your Los Angeles food story to life. 

If you're not on our email list, you must have missed it. No worries. Sign up below:



PS: we're still looking for Beta Testers. you know what to do.  

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