Food Tribe Blog Post #6 - Carnitas Tacos Galore + More at Grand Central Market

Adventure time! It was Saturday and the @foodtribeusa team decided to do some exploring. A quick Uber pool ride to the Culver City Metro Station, took me to the 7th / Metro Center for a quick transfer to Civic Center / Grand Park Station to do some exploring, as luck would have it, I wouldn't have to look far. 

This was my first time to @grandcentralmarketla and was pretty shocked to discover that this was the location of the notorious @eggslutla which as a faithful Westsider has been a little difficult to get to. Next time, because today I was in the mood for lunch.

PLENTY of options - noodles, burgers, tacos. I ended up making 2 or 3 rounds around the market before I came across this bad boy: 

carnitas on the grill getting ready for tacos

They say true love is defined as "your soul's recognition of its counterpoint  in another..."  now I'm not sure that what I've got with Villa Moreliana is going anywhere,  but it sure as hell FEELS like love. 

In all seriousness, Villa Moreliana offers some of the best carnitas I've ever had. I grabbed a couple (and a burrito for later) with a Modelo and settled in for some people watching. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snag any pictures of my order as I was too busy eating. Next time! 

Definitely an afternoon to remember and looking forward to the return journey.



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