#LAFoodCulture With Restaurant Owner and Operator Francis, of Smorgasburg's Seafood Hotspot Lobsterdamus

No one has ever had a bad day when eating lobster. The Food Tribe crew was proud to continue that trend when visiting Smorgasburg, which was making its debut on the Santa Monica Pier!

Among many standout dishes that blessed our palates was the beautiful culinary excellence that came from Lobsterdamus.

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Taste Talks & #LAFoodCulture With Smart Mouth Podcast Host Katherine Spiers

One of the best festivals you can go to as a foodie is certainly Taste Talks, which takes place one weekend a year in Brooklyn, Chicago and LA. Part TED Talk and part food indulgence, Taste Talks also took over Miami in 2017 for the first time ever! It’s a wonderful festival that perfectly melds food and culture with forward-thinking conversation and exciting parties. There’s something for everybody, whether you prefer food and drink tastings or intimate dinners.

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Justin Hussong